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Necromancer's Dos Navigator

Necromancer's Dos Navigator is a "Norton Commander" clone. It uses a well known text-mode interface, is highly customizable, and has a lot of features. Its key features are a text editor with syntax highlighting, horizontal/vertical blocks, multiple codepages, undo/redo, bookmarks, powerful searching, and regex; a file viewer with text view, asm/dump/hex edit, raw blocks, header viewer, search, regex, and unlimited filesize; a powerful filepanel with higlighting, VFSs, and filefind with textsearch and regex; a calculator; and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Mar 2010 20:07

    Release Notes: NDN should now work with older Linux kernels again (the ELF format was bad). Some configuration files have been updated, and there were bugs fixed in inputlines, command execution, the info panel, and screen mode handling.

    •  13 Dec 2009 10:29

      Release Notes: This release contains minor feature enhancements and bugfixes to the file execution handling, DPMI32 in WinNT+, Turbo Vision, DBF viewer, and the Windows context menu.

      •  12 Sep 2009 10:03

        Release Notes: This release includes many bugfixes and improvements in mouse handling, Turbo Vision and related code, languages, the internal editor and viewer, video modes, histories, external file execution, the file panel, configuration, archives, ASCII table, calculator, and header viewer.

        •  25 Jun 2009 12:38

          Release Notes: The internal desktop version handling was improved. A C interface library was added for future additions. The FTP VFS was enhanced and now also works in DOS. The "External Quick Directories" feature was added. The socket interface used in NDN is publicly available on the homepage.

          •  04 Jan 2009 19:38

            Release Notes: This release contains several updates to the internal editor, FTP/TEMP VFS, file panel, delete operations, and archive handling.

            Recent comments

            20 Jan 2008 00:55 dandv

            How can you live without NDN?
            NDN is the first program I start after I boot my machine, and the last I shut down. Using NDN, I am more efficient managing files than anyone could ever be using Explorer. Same goes for the command line: take your best Unix guru and have them compile/build/test/release/update files job using the command line - they won't be able to beat a regular user of a file manager such as NDN.

            If you find yourself typing "cd; ls; cp; mv; cat" etc. - get NDN. Your productivity boost will be beyond "significant".

            19 Feb 2007 03:26 Din_

            The best file manager since the year 1993!

            I use this file manager daily since version 1.00a since the year 1993.

            It have very smart realisation of all fearures and everything is configurable.

            This file manager has brought a lot of innovations to Norton-like file managers which became the standard.

            The newer file namagers still have not got all the features which DOS Navigator has in the first versions.

            29 Dec 2005 14:08 phpexpert

            Great tool
            Nice tool, again a comander under Windows!

            Keep on

            15 Feb 2005 00:53 AngelsHolocaust

            Download BETA versions!
            The download of the last beta version instead of the last releases of the download page is recommended!


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