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Netcat 6

Netcat 6 is a netcat clone with IPv6 support. It is designed to be tiny, extensible, and elegant, and it makes use of the new extended BSD socket APIs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Jan 2006 11:08

    Release Notes: This release fixed several bugs and introduced a -X/--rev-transfer option for reverse file transfer mode.

    •  12 May 2003 09:58

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the --half-close mode and introduces a --continuous option that keeps listening for new connections and a --exec option that executes a given command and binds its stdio to the connection. Used together, these two options can make the program work somewhat like inetd.

      •  25 Jan 2003 18:18

        Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of bugs (parsing of --no-reuseaddr option and a weird bug that could generate an endless loop) and introduces two new features: idle timeouts and the --sndbuf-size and --rcvbuf-size options for setting SO_RCVBUF and SO_SNDBUF respectively.

        •  22 Jan 2003 00:38

          Release Notes: This release introduces many new interesting features: accept/connect timeouts, hold timeouts, recv-only and send-only modes, half-close mode, high flexibility of use, i18n support, and enhanced UDP support. From this release nc6 uses, if present, the AI_ADDRCONFIG flag of getaddrinfo for the connect mode. Now file transfer mode works also with UDP. The configuration process and the whole architecture of nc6 have been greatly improved.

          •  03 Jun 2002 02:58

            Release Notes: This release of netcat6 features improved TCP support, the interesting new file transfer mode function, and an included RPM .spec file.


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