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nat-traverse establishes connections between hosts which are behind NAT gateways (hosts which do not have public IP addresses) without the need to reconfigure the involved NAT gateways. Additionally, you can setup a small VPN by using pppd on top of nat-traverse.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Dec 2012 09:48

    Release Notes: The port forwarding example in the documentation was fixed.

    •  12 Feb 2012 09:33

      Release Notes: This release adjusts the length of the garbage and acknowledgement packets to make nat-traverse work under Windows and Android.

      •  23 Aug 2005 16:40

        Release Notes: The new option "--quit-after-connect" has been added, which is useful if you want another program to use the tunnel. For example, you could configure OpenVPN to use the the same ports as nat-traverse, and thus OpenVPN would be able to cross NAT gateways.

        •  29 Jun 2005 15:39

          Release Notes: nat-traverse works with Perl 5.6.1 now. Previously, Perl 5.8.0 had to be installed. Additionally, the documentation was enhanced.

          •  26 Jun 2005 12:45

            Release Notes: A rare race condition which prevented spawning external commands even though the tunnel was established properly was fixed.


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