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14 Jul 2008 15:39 Po_the_Panda

Please choose a real Open Source project to support!
And stay away from these parasites.

14 Jul 2008 15:30 Po_the_Panda

It's an insult to Open Source community!
This is nothing more than a Linux kernel plus Samba, yet they claim proprietary license, and to release it here. What a joke!

26 Aug 2007 04:14 alfman

... should be announced at ebay or somewhere else, not at freshmeat

18 Sep 2006 00:35 bobpriston

Re: "Don't know of a way to make a floppy under Win32 Platforms"
I'm not sure about but this backup software ( can do backup to NAS drives.

11 Jun 2004 10:58 ruddykins

"Don't know of a way to make a floppy under Win32 Platforms"
I did a little research, and since I found out that NASLite won't do what I need, I stopped searching, but I'd like to post what I've found so far:

INFO - Trevormarshall - 1.7MB Floppies ( (

These 2 websites might be helpful for anyone in a Windows enviornment wanting to make a NASLite floppy. The top link has some good info on 1.7MB floppys (google'd floppy 1.7MB)



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