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14 Jan 2004 09:00 klapauzius

In my opinion it is a step backwards having to edit files to use the automation feature...
But after all: napshare rules!

19 Aug 2003 08:39 spiritlover

Same thing.
It still has the same problem it had when I tried it a year or more ago, with "Connection Failed" right away on first startup. I couldn't find any effective answer in the forums, just a long discussion about how many people have had the problem and switched to gtk-gnutella, cuz no developer would help.

05 Aug 2002 00:51 sin281

way to go guys!
NapShare is completely awesome! I used to use
gtk-Gnutella but now i use this instead. the
automatic downloading feature is simply brilliant, and
saves me unimaginable time :) way to go


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