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NanoBlogger is a small Weblog engine written in bash. It uses common Unix tools such as cat, grep, and sed to create static HTML content. It's command line driven and supports archiving by category, year, month, day, and entry. It's designed to be modular, flexible, and independent of external databases.


Recent releases

  •  01 Aug 2011 01:19

    Release Notes: This release focuses on bugfixes and consolidating files into a single package.

    •  25 Jul 2009 20:57

      Release Notes: This release fixes a minor incompatibility issue with Bash 4 that broke archive index.

      •  14 Jun 2009 23:32

        Release Notes: This release mainly focuses on improving stability and performance. Several optimizations translate to noticeable gains in overall speed. New "shortcode" style plugins, e.g. "[youtube]", have been introduced. There are numerous bugfixes.

        •  14 Sep 2008 04:30

          Release Notes: This release brings a notable improvement over the previous command line interface that debuted in 3.4 RC1, and features a new command for creating articles and three new modernly designed style sheets.

          •  15 Jun 2008 08:16

            Release Notes: This release sees a significant overhaul in the code base, incorporates many user contributed features (patches), improves language support, and contains lots of bugfixes. Also introduced is a new action-based command line interface designed for use with Bash completion.


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