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Name::Find Perl Module

Name::Find Perl Module is a Perl module for finding names in a text string. It doesn't look for a particular name, but variations of names in the form: Honorific, GivenName1, GivenName2, Surname, Suffix (where some parts may not exist, and GivenName1 and 2 may be initials). It uses a dictionary based approach, so names not in the dictionary will not be found. There is a separate dictionary for each of the word positions in the name, so you don't have to have a list of every possible name combination.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Apr 2004 08:06

    Release Notes: The major new features this release are being able to find names with embedded nicknames like Thurston "The Millioniare" Howell, and multiple people combined, like Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Howell. Many small fixes and tweaks were made to improve the ability of it to find names and reject false positives.

    •  05 Jan 2004 09:16

      Release Notes: This version adds many more honorifics, allows lowercase middle names, adds an optional database of non-names, allows multiple surnames, allows multiple honorifics, ends a search on finding punctuation (except hyphens) after a surname, and allows names in the form "surname, given name", with all relevant variations.

      •  05 Mar 2002 18:51

        Release Notes: Ability to find hyphenated names (Billy-Bob), names with an ' in them (O'Connor), and repeated suffixes (Jr., MD), and the addition of more prefixes and suffixes to the list.

        •  07 Dec 2001 12:10

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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