Comments for MySQL Activity Report

07 Aug 2006 23:37 szubair

multiple server views.
one more question regarding is it possible to get reports from multiple database servers to one server and display it.


Sabeer MZ

07 Aug 2006 00:50 szubair

Mysqlar: Single Instance.
Hi gert,

I found mysqlar very useful. Could you please tell me how can i get reports of single database instance from MySQL server. What changes I have to make in mysqlar.php inorder to acheive.

Many thanks

Sabeer MZ

22 Jan 2006 12:03 swinney

a great tool
This project has been instrumental in diagnosing some

troubling and hard to pin down problems in our mysql

installations. When I start working with a new db, the first

thing I do is setup mysqlard. Great work! Thanks!


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