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Myrinix is a multi-purpose portable Linux distribution based on Debian Sid. It can be installed on a live CD, USB drive, or even a Windows XP NTFS partition without modifying the MBR. Myrinix also supplies a series of application modules that can be easily added to a live CD or portable drive for more functionality.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Jan 2011 05:11

    Release Notes: The distribution was rebuilt with Linux kernel 2.6.36. it comes with new cheat code, "softreset", and two new modules, 'ppstream' and 'thunder - bt client'.

    •  17 May 2010 08:20

      Release Notes: This release upgrades all application modules and the desktop. There is currently no full ISO for download, so you can only build your own ISO with the bash script.

      •  18 Jan 2010 15:21

        Release Notes: This release runs on kernel The kernel cheatcode apps (e.g. apps=my_apps) allows a user to place the applications module they want to run on the live CD in the my_apps folder. The cheatcode union (e.g. union=my_desktop) allows a user to place a Gnome module in the my_desktop folder to let the live CD boot on Gnome.

        •  26 Sep 2009 09:33

          Release Notes: This version comes with kernel 2.6.31. The new kernel makes myrinix boot faster and improves graphic card performance, especialy with Intel graphics.

          •  27 Aug 2009 10:11

            Release Notes: This version is a total rebuild. it uses the Linux kernel and reorders the boot sequence to start the desktop even faster than before. On average, a hard drive installed version can boot to the LXDE Desktop within 30 seconds, or 50 seconds for KDE4.3.


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