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mylvmbackup is a Perl script for quickly creating backups of a MySQL server's data files. To perform a backup, mylvmbackup obtains a read lock on all tables and flushes all server caches to disk, makes an LVM snapshot of the volume containing the MySQL data directory, and unlocks the tables again. The snapshot process takes only a small amount of time. When it is done, the server can continue normal operations while the actual file backup proceeds. The actual backup can be performed by using tar, rsync, or rsnap.

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Recent releases

  •  24 Jun 2013 04:58

    Release Notes: This release includes a large number of improvements, code cleanups, and new functionality.

    •  06 Sep 2009 10:30

      Release Notes: The hook sample was deleted as it has potential to cause harm and is too specialized on a particular use case. Support was added for rsync via SSH. InnoDB recovery was fixed in case a relative path to the MySQL data directory is defined. The documentation of relpath in the man page was improved.

      •  20 Jun 2009 12:03

        Release Notes: This release added support for hooks written as Perl modules, support for date/time-formatted path names for backupdir and mountdir, and a --keep-mount option. The bind mount was removed and now requires LVMv2. Backupdir and mountdir are now created automatically. A new "logerr" hook is called when an error is logged. Support for reading login and password from ~/.my.cnf was added.

        •  24 Nov 2008 07:05

          Release Notes: The --quiet option was added. Error handling was made more robust and consistent. Support was added for non-GNU tar implementations. Support for rsnap backups was added. Code cleanups were done. The backup file name suffix is now configurable.

          •  10 Jul 2008 17:19

            Release Notes: This release adds support for an rsync:// service as the backup destination. It adds support for calling external script hooks. The documentation has been updated.


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