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mygosuMenu is a set of DHTML menus that feature a separation into three layers (structure, presentation, and behavior), object oriented code that makes it possible to create many menus on one page, and support for most of the key browsers. It is designed to be friendly to search engines and text browsers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Oct 2009 17:55

    Release Notes: An occasional IE6 bug was fixed in DynamicTree. The functions setActive() and openAll() were added, as were examples of their use. An example of generating a tree using PHP and MySQL was added. A submenu position bug in DropMenuX when resizing a window was fixed.

    •  28 Aug 2004 04:25

      Release Notes: A DynamicTree example with folders as links was added along with a ClickShowHideMenu example that highlights the active item.

      •  11 Aug 2004 12:29

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in menu #1.5 example 2. This bug could affect you if you had more than 20 records in a tree when starting editing.

        •  06 Aug 2004 02:13

          Release Notes: In this version, the #1.1 menu now works with select boxes on IE6, there are some bugfixes in the #1.5 menu, and there are some updates to the READMEs.

          •  23 Jul 2004 18:02

            Release Notes: New menus have been added to DynamicTree and DynamicTreeBuilder. You can display or edit tree structures dynamically in your browser. You can import data from HTML or export data to HTML, PHP, or SQL. You can easily write your own plugin to support another data format.

            Recent comments

            09 Apr 2009 16:37 hog1991

            Very flexible, nicely done. I am curious to know if anyone knows how to remedy this one little issue I am having:
            In my menu I have a couple of longer entries. I have put them in frames and want to let my user resize that if required. When that happens, the text "moves" a few pixels just before the frame size is smaller than the line and then disappears.

            I would like to keep it in 'unwrap' mode, then when the frame is reduced to less than the size of the entry, it just covers it up without moving the text. This is the normal behavior of this type of frame with standard text. I have a few style overrides but to no avail.



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