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myBeasties is a highly flexible evolutionary programming module. It is designed to be extendable and customisable for maximum use by the Perl developer. Many species of genotypes can be evolved, and these can be used to build phenotypes of any size or complexity. These can be as simple as a list or as large as a whole class of objects.

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Recent releases

  •  27 Jan 2003 18:25

    Release Notes: This release is a rewrite, changing namespaces and interfaces. Please check the documentation if you are familiar with other versions. Decision Tree Learning is used to impose reproductive barriers. There is extra documentation (especially high level), and it is easier to install and test.

    •  23 May 2002 17:11

      Release Notes: New features include graphical output (via gnuplot), reproductive isolation and speciation, an extra demo, and documentation changes. Several bugs have been found and fixed, and the problem of demos and test pointing at the wrong place has been fixed.

      •  09 May 2002 15:53

        Release Notes: The changes in this release make the package easier to install, easier to make and rate your phenotypes, and easier to converge. New features include two types of mutation rate, multiple per-genotype mutations, optional phenotype files, and path structure changes.

        •  02 Apr 2002 05:00

          Release Notes: This release brings more stability and fewer bugs than the last couple of releases. Much effort has been made to solve problems that have cropped up, and to make everything work how you'd expect it to. There's been a little spring cleaning, and an extra feature has been added (a reload option for the .sex files).

          •  05 Mar 2002 13:19

            Release Notes: Classic per gene mutation was added, bringing myBeasties more into line with normal genetic algorithms. More documents were written, and the genotypes are now almost fully (re)-documented. The evolve_rates option now allows evolution of mutation rate, crossover rate, and crossover methods. Rater now treats Entities and other objects differently, resulting in more complex phenotypes and groupings.


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