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TinyMUX is a text-based game server in the MUSH family. It is a platform that allows several thousand players to connect to a single text-driven environment, and interact with each other and with the environment (which is maintained in a database). The rich programming environment can be used to build almost anything, limited only by the developer's imagination.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Mar 2009 19:31

    Release Notes: This release exposes mailsubj() and mailsize() in the stock build. It fixes the broken inlinesql build, sha1() and passwords, and color regression from 2.6 that affected ljust(), rjust(), and center(). It doesn't strip MSG_SAYPOSE or MSG_OOC when forwarding messages to contents, exits, etc. UTF-8 color codepoints have been removed from @hook report as printf("%-30.30s") leaves this misaligned. @mail folders are fixed. The option table was defined one element too large. On 64-bit FreeBSD, '@list process' showed negative values. Use of unitialized memory in mux_strlwr(), mux_strupr(), and mux_foldpunc() has been fixed. Firan is now using 24000-byte buffers.

    •  15 Mar 2009 19:16

      Release Notes: This release tweaks MYSQL session options, fixes mid() with negative length, fixes sha1() and passwords, and doesn't strip MSG_SAYPOSE or MSG_OOC when forwarding messages to contents, exits, etc.

      •  11 Oct 2008 19:35

        Release Notes: SSL, Unicode, and dynamically-loadable modules are supported.

        •  21 Sep 2008 05:27

          Release Notes: Fixes for remaining beta-flagged bugs.

          •  17 Sep 2008 04:56

            Release Notes: This release fixes merge, translate, @notify/@destroy, exit @teleportation, one crash bug, and @toad, and switches to VS 2003 with Intel v10.1.


            Project Spotlight


            A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


            Project Spotlight

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