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Music Library

Music Library is a music-on-demand system for phpGroupware. It searches recursively through a directory full of files for audio formats you specify and dumps their artist, album, and track names into a database. You can then browse, search, or listen over HTTP. It features custom playlists, and comes with an MP3 renaming script to ease the task of administration as well as an Applescript for using XMMS via X11 on OS X.


Recent releases

  •  25 Jan 2004 05:51

    Release Notes: This release adds numerous feature enhancements. It is much more lenient with filenaming. It includes Shared Playlists, Top-Played Rankings, a Random Play page, a New Misc page, and Remote Libraries. Several bugfixes and text updates are also included.

    •  30 Jun 2003 10:28

      Release Notes: The ability to add miscellaneous songs to the library was added. The _misc table was dropped, and miscellaneous songs are now put in the _songs table. A 'repository' column was added. Problems with playlists with removed or renamed files were fixed. listSongs and listAlbums were merged into list_music. The README and INSTALL files were updated. File extensions are no longer limited to 3 characters. Music tables can now be dumped and reloaded from the admin hook.

      •  08 Jun 2003 19:17

        Release Notes: Admin options in have been mvoed to phpgw_config and hooked admin. The table _playlist_contents has been moved to _playlistdata to support pgsql short table names. This is supported in setup/ An IE SSL inline attachment bug has been fixed. A pgsql bug has been fixed by changing the db connect syntax. "Add album to playlist" has been implemented.

        •  05 Jun 2003 03:15

          Release Notes: Table queries were fixed. The speed has improved immensely. Album playlists now use 'album_id', and a playlist bug was fixed by adding addslashes(). A bug where multiple albums with same name caused a conflict was fixed (if you are affected, you must drop these albums and readd them). Song Keyword search was added to the sidebar. add_to_playlist.php now redirects back to search result after adding songs from a search result. Long playlist titles are truncated at 20 chars when displaying them in sidebar select box. A "check all" option was also added for adding music to playlist.

          •  02 Jun 2003 09:00

            Release Notes: The database was normalized and phpgw database abstraction was implemented. Playlists are now generated on demand, making the playlists directory obsolete. Custom playlist functionality was also added. updateDb.php now validates playlists. If a song is missing, it attempts to find it and fix the song_id. Broken playlist entries are now unclickable in the playlist content screen. AppleScript for using XMMS via X11 on OS X was included, search.php and searchAlbums.php were moved into searches.php, and the search now allows apostrophes. A massive code cleanup was made, and " - Random - " was added to the sidebar playlist select box.


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