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08 Aug 2003 20:29 winsurfn

this is it!
dont do anything to it. it works!
i couldnt get to the website to try that product, but i've tried a load of others that have flash gui's and not so flash gui'z. some gpl & some commercial.

i had been happily using my own cdrecord script for months but hadnt stumbled upon a way to automate the burning of gigs of files. this does that across multiple cd's and it does it in the native ext2fs format, and creates an index file.

how easy is backing up 30gig of mp3 when you just tell everyone in the house to swap the cd when the tray is open!

best cd backup tool i've seen on any platform, good stuff.

15 May 2002 05:07 siegler2

good tool. not very uf
I like the program. I just wanted to backup my /home and /etc to cd-r media, but that required ~5 disks. I was able to create 5 images (using ext2 filesystem instead of iso9660) that I burned to disks. The only problem I had was trying to burn one disk at a time in the default mode, which failed when cdrecord returned an error and the program got stuck. Could use a curses interface and be more user friendly, but it's a nice tool.


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