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MultiAdmin Security Module

The MultiAdmin security framework kernel module provides a means to have multiple "root" users with unique UIDs. This bypasses collation order problems with NSCD, allows you to have files with unique owners, and allows you to track the quota usage for every "real" user. It also implements a "sub-admin", a partially restricted root user who has full read-only access to most subsystems, but write rights only to a limited subset, for example writing to files or killing processes only of certain users.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Aug 2007 12:59

    Release Notes: The NetAdmin user class has been removed since it can be handled in userspace. The code has been updated to work with Linux 2.6.22.

    •  13 Jul 2006 20:22

      Release Notes: The patches have been rediffed against 2.6.18-rc1.

      •  01 May 2006 17:08

        Release Notes: Most LSM hooks have been collapsed, and unused arguments have been removed. capable() was slightly changed, which made the patch smaller. The MultiAdmin module and kernel patch were updated to 2.6.17-rc3.

        •  18 Jan 2006 15:50

          Release Notes: This release was updated for Linux 2.6.15. Some missing #includes in patched files were added.

          •  22 Dec 2005 16:15

            Release Notes: This version provides a kernel patch for the upcoming kernel version 2.6.15. Kernel version 2.6.13 is also supported.


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