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13 Jun 2012 22:32 sjmurdoch


I've patched mtftar to build on Mac OS X. The code can be found on GitHub:

20 Jul 2010 03:30 ChrisGould

I just recently stumbled across this project in a search to find a way to resurrect some of my documents and data from a USB backup drive that I had thankfully done a recent backup on before my XP machine died.

I am now working on a Mac OS 10.5 laptop with XCode installed, but I can't seem to get this to build properly. There seem to be some dependencies I can't get right? Any advice?

07 Mar 2010 12:05 x_pedro_x

Nice utility, worked flawlessly.

28 Jun 2009 19:09 mtinman


I'm trying to package this into a .deb package, but there is no configure script. Is there a generic configure script I can use for this? I am building in Ubuntu 9.04, AMD 64 version. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

-Michael J. Tinsley-


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