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21 May 2014 05:00 AlexBuzaev75

Also you can use free CoolUtils Mail Viewer at

19 Mar 2014 12:29 FreeViewerSolution

Great Work !!!

One can also look at the MSG File Viewer software (available at ) which provide functionality such as
ability to view normal as well as corrupt MSG Files.

User who wish to know further can also check out the wikiHow page for further understanding of the software

09 Sep 2013 18:44 anurags

This is a good freeware. But I have found a more powerful FREE MSG Viewer on this page

25 Jan 2013 16:26 johnbester

The application works as expected, but you have to drag a .msg file onto the application. This is not a problem it itself, but it would be nice if you could open a msg file by specifying it on the command line.


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