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Mserv is a jukebox-style music server designed to play MP3, Ogg, etc. (configurable) files based on ratings of users who are logged in to the system. It includes features such as searching, filtering, biased random play, queuing, talking, online and off-line track editing, and a standardised TCP protocol. This allows for a variety of interfaces including a built-in telnet interface, a command line program for scripting, a Perl-based Web client, and many 3rd-party GUI front ends.


Recent releases

  •  03 Nov 2003 03:45

    Release Notes: This release has a new modular architecture to hold output modules, of which icecast output streaming is the first one. It also incorporates fairer queuing, the ability to see more or fewer history items, and many bugfixes.

    •  13 Sep 2003 06:23

      Release Notes: Album and author lists are now dynamic, and the compile-time limit was removed. Many other minor fixes were made.

      •  31 Aug 2003 15:41

        Release Notes: The ability to change relative volume for each track was added. Volume controls were implemented for the Icecast output engine. The unrated/unheard rating was enhanced to be a percentage and configuration parameters were added for them. Some bugs were fixed.

        •  25 Aug 2003 11:31

          Release Notes: This release incorporated a new output engine for Icecast streaming.

          •  04 Aug 2003 22:03

            Release Notes: A volume bug has been fixed. ogg123 config has been added. This release uses automake, autoheader, and libtool with a central configure script.


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            Project Spotlight

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