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mrtg-misc-probe probes different system features for mrtg to graph. It can probe percent usage of disk space and inodes for UFS and VxFS filesystems, number and total size of incoming and outgoing mail messages on a sendmail mail server, network delay using NTP peers/servers, number of clearcase vobs and views, number of Rational ClearCase and MultiSite licenses available and used, network device reachability (ping success), number of active and disconnected sessions of a Citrix Metaframe server, and number of hosts in a given network range.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Jun 2002 23:20

    Release Notes: New probes: ctxmf (number of active and disconnected Citrix Metaframe sessions) and hostcount (scan given nmap-network-range and return number of hosts found).

    •  03 Sep 2000 04:21

      Release Notes: Two new probes are now included; "cclic" to retrieve the number of available and used Rational ClearCase or MultiSite licenses, and "smtp-stats-kb" to retrieve the total size of mail messages sent and and received on a sendmail mail server.

      •  25 Apr 2000 04:49

        Release Notes: smtp-stats compatibility with newer mailstats(1) programs that print eight instead of six columns.

        •  11 Feb 2000 08:26

          Release Notes: new probes: ntp-delay - NTP (Network Time Protocol) based network delay measurement (latency); lsviewvob - counts the number of clearcase views and vobs; pong - test network device reachability using ping (ICMP ECHO); Changed probes: smtp-stats now greps for given mailer only (defaults to ddn). (POSSIBLE INCOMPATABILITY!).


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