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mrepo (formerly known as Yam) builds a local APT/Yum RPM repository from local ISO files, downloaded updates, and extra packages from RHN (Red Hat Network) and 3rd party repositories. It takes care of setting up the ISO files, downloading the RPMs, configuring HTTP access, and providing PXE/TFTP resources for remote installations. It was primarily intended for doing remote network installations of various distributions from a laptop without the need for CD media or floppies, but is equally suitable for an organization's centralized update server.


Recent releases

  •  06 Oct 2008 21:52

    Release Notes: Support for RHEL5 and CentOS-5. YaST Online Update support. fuseiso support (root access no longer needed). unionfs support to merge ISOs to a single tree. Faster relinking of repositories. Caching of directory indexes to prevent regenerating repositories. Proxy support for rhnget and gensystemid. An rhnget --list option for searching packages. An rhnget --filter option for selecting downloads. An rhnget --source option for downloading SRPMs from RHN.

    •  13 Dec 2006 07:10

      Release Notes: The project was renamed from Yam to mrepo. Ready-to-use distribution configurations were improved. Proxy support was added to RHN support (rhnget). A new rhnget-cleanup directive allows the user to automatically clean up old packages. A Scientific Linux distribution configuration was added. Fixes were made to make RHN support work on CentOS.

      •  16 Oct 2006 01:08

        Release Notes: This release reports changes to repositories (logging to yam.log, reporting on screen, mailing out). The RHN code has been mvoed to a separate rhnget tool. An alpha architecture has been added. There are fixes to make Yam classes reusable. disabled-directive has been added. There are several fixes.

        •  21 Sep 2006 11:01

          Release Notes: The program was updated to reflect createrepo 0.4.6 changes. createrepo-options and rhn-download-all directives were added. The groupfile (read: yum groupinstall) handling with createrepo was fixed. Now repoview is correctly used to create a human-readable repository index. The internals were improved.

          •  23 Aug 2006 08:19

            Release Notes: gensystemid was improved to generate RHN systemids. Proxy configuration in yam.conf. The -r option was reintroduced to specify one or more repositories to work with. Locking was improved to allow multiple Yam instances to run on one system. Configuration snippets can now be placed in /etc/yam.conf.d/. Variables can be defined in a [variables] section and are substituted at runtime to simplify maintaining the configuration file. repomd metadata group support has been added. Lots of small bugfixes and improvements were made.


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