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MQ Auditor is a solution that allows a company to audit and track all MQ API calls performed by MQ applications that are connected to a queue manager. The API Exit operates with WebSphere MQ v7.0, v7.1, or v7.5 in Windows, Unix, IBM i, and Linux environments. Under WMQ v5.3 and higher, MQA audits the following MQ API calls: MQCONN, MQCONNX, MQOPEN, MQGET, MQPUT, MQPUT1, MQINQ, MQSET, MQCLOSE, MQDISC, MQBACK, MQBEGIN, and MQCMIT. Under WMQ v6.0.2.7 and higher, MQA audits the above calls as well as the following calls: XASTART, XAEND, XAOPEN, XACLOSE, XACOMMIT, XACOMPLETE XAFORGET, XAPREPARE, XARECOVER, XAROLLBACK, AX_REG, and AX_UNREG. Under WMQ v7.0 and higher, MQA also audits the following additional MQ API calls: MQCALLBACK, MQCB, MQCTL, MQSTAT, MQSUB, and MQSUBRQ.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Sep 2013 23:18

    Release Notes: A new Audit Queue Off Load component was added. ChannelName was added to the audit record for MQConn/MQConnX API calls (only for WMQ 7.1 or higher). Conversion was added for MonitorType. This causes audit records to be written before and after conversion for the MQGET API call. The accepted IniFile parameter length was increased from 1024 to 2048 characters. Handling of the rolling audit file feature was changed.

    •  19 Feb 2011 05:03

      Release Notes: An issue with vsnprintf/vfprintf on Linux 64-bit servers was fixed. The PCF message handling process was enhanced. The speed at which the Audit record is written to a file or queue was improved.

      •  12 Jan 2011 00:09

        Release Notes: Support was added for the UseExcludeUserIDs and ExcludeUserIDs keywords. Support was added for the following embedded message types: MQCIH, MQDH, MQDLH, MQIIH, MQRFH, MQRFH2, MQRMH, MQTM, MQWIH, MQXQH, MQHSAP, and SMQBAD. Code was added to support the “NONE” value for the Show*** keywords. The cwdspver program was added to display the product version number. A bug was fixed in which the UserID used for MQCONN/MQCONNX may be different for MQOPEN. The bug related to the flag that determines if a queue is being monitored was fixed. A bug related to the handling of the AccountingToken field of the MQMD was fixed.


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