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mpterm is a terminal for the GNOME desktop environment. It allows a user the have several windows open at the same time embedded within a single window. The user can swap between any of the open terminals with a mouse click, or a key-binding from the keyboard. This program is for command line junkies who don't want their desktop cluttered with several terminals.


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    23 Aug 2001 17:32 KernelKludge

    Re: GNU screen

    ...or look at the Freshmeat project page (

    23 Aug 2001 17:16 KernelKludge

    GNU screen

    I suggest you take a look at GNU Screen ( which is a similar sort of tool except it works on any tty (xterm, xvt, aterm, Linux console, serial terminal, telnet session, etc.) not just X11. Its many features include cut/paste, split screen, connection sharing (multiple clients accessing same screen sessions, great for two xterms) and session disconnection/reconnection. It's a must-have for those intermittant serial or network connections.


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