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mpstat is intended to be a utility for Linux to monitor SMP machine's CPU statistics. It records %usr, %idl, major & minor faults, and number of interrupts that have occured. mpstat is similar to vmstat, and requires Linux kernel 2.2.9 or later.


Recent releases

  •  24 Feb 2001 05:34

    Release Notes: mpstat has been upgraded for Linux 2.4 (Intel) kernels and a bug was fixed in UP kernels as well.

    •  18 Jul 1999 14:55

      Release Notes: Fixed memory leak of about 300bytes per iteration on 2 processor machine. This could be more than 500k in 15hours at 30 second intervals on a 2 processor machine. This leak effects versions 0.0.6 to 0.0.9 and possibly earlier versions.

      •  08 Jul 1999 00:43

        Release Notes: Interrupt display bug fix for SMP machines using noapic on command line.

        •  03 Jul 1999 04:12

          Release Notes: Merged makefiles (Makefile and Makenosmp). Also fixed build on non SMP machines.

          •  19 Jun 1999 10:07

            Release Notes: combined intr and ithr as the kernel does not distinguish between these. now interupts are shown as a 9 characher field not 4.


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