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01 Nov 2005 11:02 jasongolod

Re: Great job and a question
That would be aweseome. I hate to say it, but I have been thinking about going M$ Home Media Center Edition. They just announced suppord for a 200 DVD carousel. That would be a great addition to MPlayer.

> Alex, great job on MPlayer. Any interest

> in supporting some kind of DVD carousel

> control via RS232 or something?

25 Oct 2005 17:34 Pfv2

good work
MPlayer is the best player i have tried so far. I really like to ability to read so many format, and the interface is just great.

Good work.

20 Oct 2005 08:15 The_JL

Great job and a question
Alex, great job on MPlayer. Any interest in supporting some kind of DVD carousel control via RS232 or something?

28 Sep 2005 15:03 Pfv2

This is one of the best player i've tried. Good work. Continue.

20 Sep 2005 01:06 konjuit

mplayer playlist
mplayer seems to support everything and plays great, but the playlist in the gui is pretty clunky. be great if someone could incorporate a rythmbox xml database style playlist into mplayer, makes it easy to load files and urls. maybe someone could hack in the rhythmbox playlist itself as a plugin? or would it break the the cross platform thing?

16 Sep 2005 23:18 tednor

mplayer is the bomb! nuff said.

20 Jul 2005 01:08 thanmai


i am using the latest version of mplayer i find the playlist dosen't have drag n drop feature from kde . this makes it really bad for someone used to playing audio in winamp , each time going thru the add file process, and is there any way to have an enque right click option.



19 May 2005 00:56 contusion

Re: mplayer gui problem

> I am running suse 8.0 and I am trying

> to get mplayer to compile with the gui

> interface. I ./configure --enable-gui

> and that comes back with no errors.

> When I make the file however i get this

> error


> /usr/i486-suse-linux/bin/ld: cannot find

> -lgtk

> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

> make: *** [mplayer] Error 1



> As far as I know I have all the needed

> Libs and files in the right spot. I am

> a newbie to Linux so maybe I am doing

> something wrong. Any Ideas

You need gtk-devel package man.

19 May 2005 00:49 contusion

Re: macos X, not to be disturbed by the screen saver

> Hi,


> I'm using MPlayer successfully on my

> Mac,

> really much more optimised than

> Quicktime.


> The only drawback I have is: When

> looking

> at a film, the Mac doesn't notice that

> you're looking

> something, and the screen dimmer is

> activated when you have not pressed a

> key since much time,

> and then, goes to sleep if nothing is

> done.


> Quicktime does not have this drawback,

> so

> I presume it's related to an event that

> should be

> added in code to get the right

> behaviour.


> Could someone point me in the right

> direction

> to help doing a patch ?



> Best Regards,



> Olivier Kaloudoff

just remove the dimmer option.

19 May 2005 00:47 contusion

Re: A great player.

> MPlayer is a great media player. A

> fantastic job was done by the

> coders/testers and I am running mplayer

> on RedHat 9 with no problems.


> However, the path to get it up and

> running was a little rough. There were a

> number of dependancies to overcome,

> codecs to download and I had to step

> around a lot of errors. I would like to

> suggest that a combination of more

> documentation with links to common deps

> be posted. I've used Linux for a while,

> and was used to this process, however,

> newbies might find this a difficult

> player to install.


> However, the work was worth it. I give

> mplayer a 10/10 for features and

> ease-of-use and a 7/10 for

> installation.


> Thank you for your wonderful product.

> Jesse

Bad distribution. Check documentation of mplayer for recommended software for building it.


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