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07 Jun 2007 10:32 lasermanman

Re: good work
Ran into a little issue with a buffer overflow problem, but they have the solution on this page if anyone else runs into it
It's just their homepage basically, but was fixed December of last year.

Regards, Laza (

05 Jun 2007 22:40 lasermanman

Re: Great player

> MPlayer is a great media player. While

> the install was a little rocky, over all

> it covers all of my needs. One question

> though:

> I noticed that the shared memory the

> player uses has a permission set of 777.

> Is this safe? Wouldn't 755 be

> sufficient?


This player frickin rocks. Microsoft can kiss my ass! Thanks for postin this puppy~

Green Laser Pointer (

24 May 2007 01:01 SaikoDadII

Re: MPlayer

> This is one of the best player i've

> tried. Good work. Continue.

It's not one of the best, it IS the best ;-)

24 Mar 2007 03:54 gecko99

Nice one
MPlayer is one of the best player i've ever used. Good work - Thanks for this!

25 Feb 2007 13:03 gcasse

Re: Accessibility of the site

> Now it's so accessible and working

> properly.

Glad to read this.

Just a note: the (numerous) links at the beginning of each HTML page can clutter the reading. They could perhaps be moved to the end or easily skipped using a "Go to content" link.



25 Feb 2007 03:38 Maghnom

Re: Accessibility of the site

> Hi,


> I appreciate that your site allows

> several ways to download your

> softwares.


> I appreciate it because I can see...


> Let me please underlined three points

> which may cause troubles to e.g. a blind

> person :


> * The images need an alternate

> description. That's very easy : just

> adding a few words in the ALT attribute

> of the IMG element. If the image has no

> meaning - e.g. the spacer gifs -

> alt="" is the good solution.


> * The structure of the page might be

> enhanced. Some persons navigate thanks

> to the links or the headings of the web

> page. Thanks to them, they have a fast

> idea of the content. For example, in

> your home page, "Movie Player For

> Linux" could be the first heading

> (h1), and the following paragraphs could

> be h2 headings.


> * Finally, the menu relies on a DHTML

> solution. Good for the javascript

> capable browsers and for people using

> mouse. Just adding the list of links at

> the end of your page could ease

> navigation.


> Gilles


> PS

> Do not see this email as a reproof... I

> was not aware of the web accessibility

> just a few months ago.

Now it's so accessible and working properly.

20 Dec 2006 10:31 kanpur

Re: [install] Error 127
Your environmental variable is not set. First set the env where your ldconfig is located, then compile it.

18 Dec 2006 06:50 Theimprover

More than ordinary player
It's not like other common players, it's well coded.

25 Oct 2006 12:15 aliveli

Re: Did you guys research your software name before deciding on it?

> Exactly what law do you think the

> MPlayer team has broken? Are you saying

> they've violated patents because they

> use the same name as some LAN Gaming

> service??

I think software patents in general are a huge threat to the whole open source community.

22 Aug 2006 09:21 toptray411

I had a video sent from a client and nothing would open it - including VLC. This worked like a charm.



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