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19 Oct 2008 12:23 hdlee

Re: Did you guys research your software name before deciding on it?

I've seen projects had to change names because of legal issues in the past. It is probably a good idea to ensure this before even starting just to be on the safe side.

IANAL but consulting a lawyer often saves a lot of time and money.



27 Sep 2008 02:43 hdlee

Works wonder even on slower system

I can't resist to use MPlayer despite its lack of user interface, which I think is important to have a better user experience.

There are a lot of room for improvements, but considering the quality of the playback and other things, I never see anything better, especially when I have to run on a slower computer.

Way to go!

With the video conversion and capturing features, this project surely is a WINNER.

14 Sep 2008 12:12 Pfv2

Re: A big thank you

> A quick comment to thanks everybody

> working on MPlayer! I use it a lot!

Yeah, same here. Can't imagine not using MPlayer! Continue your good work on MPlayer guys!

24 Aug 2008 19:31 recuguide

A big thank you
A quick comment to thanks everybody working on MPlayer! I use it a lot!

24 Mar 2008 11:48 MeerBezoekers

Thank you
It works great.
I am finally able to view my raw avi video files. I use these files when video editing.


01 Dec 2007 16:01 Dartshop

Ease Of Use
I think the important thing will be to ensure ease of use for people like me, that have limited knowledge and skills, but want efficiency. I think it looks marvellous but i dont have the skill or knowledge to truly judge, or appreciate it from a technical aspect.

Hopefully it will prove simple for the average person.

23 Nov 2007 08:43 rspenc29

mplayer is ok
I like mplayer and use it to play almost anything except live streams. Still using winamp for that. If there is a way to get my live streams in mplayer that would be great.

07 Oct 2007 05:06 phiro47

nice one:)
MPlayer is a nice one, but i like vlc a little bit more ;)

01 Aug 2007 14:26 kflemi21

Great Player!
This is now my new player haha. Awesome work!

07 Jun 2007 10:32 lasermanman

Re: good work
Ran into a little issue with a buffer overflow problem, but they have the solution on this page if anyone else runs into it
It's just their homepage basically, but was fixed December of last year.

Regards, Laza


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