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Mpath-tools is a set of programs for Linux 2.6 (and later) that aim to facilitate load balancing and failover over multiple and heterogeneous ISP connections, it consists of four parts. Mpathd is a daemon and the core of mpath-tools; it runs in the background, monitoring the state of each connection. It dynamically updates routing tables according to the state of the gateways and enforces rules set by the administrator. Mpath is the command line control tool; it connects to a local or remote mpathd and uses the mpath-tools client library to send commands and receive responses from the daemon. Mping is a replacement for the classic ping command that takes advantage of multipath to send multiple simultaneous ping probes using different gateways. Mpwww is a realtime Web-based network monitor; it uses the mpath-tools client library to gather data and statistics from the mpathd daemon, and displays them using HTML5 canvas and AJAX.

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Recent releases

  •  26 Jan 2010 22:14

    Release Notes: Mpath-www, a Web-based multipath aware network monitor, was added. mping IPv6 support was improved, so ping works, but not multipath yet. nanoserv is bundled again, along with jQuery and jQuery.flot.

    •  12 Jan 2010 20:11

      Release Notes: Basic IPv6 support was added to mping such that it should work on a local network. The "mpath dump rule[s]" command was added.

      Recent comments

      07 Apr 2010 14:57 vadi01

      Nice. But there are issues with f12. Needs fine tuning.


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