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mp3plot creates a plot (textual or graphical) of the bitrate distribution of an MP3 file. It displays which proportion of the audio file uses each of the possible bitrates. The plot can serve, for example, to compare an audio source as encoded by different encoders or settings or to display how the chosen (average) bitrate was achieved by the encoder.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Jun 2009 17:28

    Release Notes: Preliminary support for MPEG-2 and Layers I and II. Detection of sampling rate (defaulted to 44.1kHz) and CRC flag (displayed its value reversed) have been fixed. A nasty bug with free-form bitrate and corrupted files that led to an infinite loop, eventually exhausting memory, has been fixed. There are more warnings where appropriate. The theoretical length is printed in seconds.

    •  25 Apr 2009 19:54

      Release Notes: Graphics output alignment corrections were made. Single-hue graphics are output by default. Other bugfixes and minor cosmetic changes were made.

      •  17 Apr 2009 03:25

        Release Notes: Image output is usable (but not final); both gd and ImageMagick++ or GraphicsMagick++ can be used. If both are compiled in, one or the other can be chosen with "-n". The output file name can be chosen with "-o". A list of available plotters can be displayed with "-p list". Microsoft Windows is supported. A manpage was added and converted to PDF for Windows distribution. The usage information printed on the command-line was corrected.

        •  27 May 2007 04:51

          Release Notes: Experimental image support was added. The build system was cleaned up and the standard ./configure && make cycle was adopted. Massive code cleanup and reorganization was done.

          •  21 May 2007 05:18

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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