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11 Dec 2002 11:13 gothic

New search - Anything else?
Okay guys. I wrote up a new search front end. It basicly acts like any search engine out there.

You can type in "bob and joe" and it will search for anything with 'bob' and 'joe' in it. You can also use "bob or joe" which will search for anything with 'bob' or 'joe' ... You get the idea.

Using quotes (") won't do any good though. =]

So before I release the new guy, is there anything else that anyone wants? Either email me, or respond here, and I'll have a look.

Thanks a lot.

13 Aug 2002 23:11 gothic

Well guys, I think this may be the last version. I can't think of anymore features, nor really find any bugs left in her.

I imagine the PHP routines in the search page could be redone to be a little more efficient though.

Anyway, unless someone has a feature or fix they want, it might be a couple months before a new version is released.


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