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Comments for MP3-CD-Sleeve

06 Oct 2002 19:58 cengique


Project updated! Fixed text lines going out of the frame with better indentation logic.

I'm currently working on a fold-out feature, too. It's not ready, yet, though.


12 Mar 2002 12:55 cengique

Another similar project
Apparently, cdlabelgen is no longer being maintained. But there is this

Disc-cover project which produces very nice looking jewel case covers using a very similar approach to MP3-CD-Sleeve (i.e. using LaTeX).

06 Mar 2002 17:31 cengique

Other projects

If you're interested in this one, you should also see:

cdlabelgen that produces very nice looking front and back covers and

MPHPSleeve for browsing MP3 hierarchies (reading ID3 tags).


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