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15 Jul 2004 18:43 dgtlmoon

Two years on and still some serious printing issues
I tried using mozilla to replace an office I became an admin for who were running InternetExplorer, however a lot of the desktops have gone back to using InternetExplorer because most web-sites just do not print correctly.

Click here to view the bug in bugzilla

I understand this bug has been open for just over two years, whats been going on? How can we find the people to fix the serious bugs that are stopping Mozilla from being "taken seriously", I tried posting this to slashdot but it seems like the opensource geeks just dont want to know about it and my article never made it to the site.

What does this say about the opensource community? they probably dont give a sh*t ? Maybe they should stop touting mozilla as the best thing since sliced bread.


25 Oct 2003 10:19 accurate

Just compiled Mozilla 1.5
I'd just like to say I think Mozilla is the best. People should use it on any system. I'm glad they added the Popup blocker in 1.4, and the spell check in 1.5 for composer, also it seems that 1.5 may be a little faster too. Great software!

06 Sep 2003 01:31 xb0ne

The Best Browser & Mail Client Ever!
Mozilla is Best Browser & Mail Client Ever!. Other software can 't beat it! Keep up working on it, because it rocks! ;-)

01 Jul 2003 04:59 gvy

Mozilla mirror in Ukraine
Just in case -- we have mozilla-1.x release binaries built by ( and ( ( mirrored at ( (which is Ukraine-only, but very fast here), and Ukrainian lang pack from ( is mirrored when available too.

06 May 2003 14:44 charlesbarr

PDF Conversions

Why don't you add a webpage to pdf conversion into Mozilla? I have one which I will donate to the project if the tesm wants it. To see an example of how it works, look at and convert a webpage.


14 Apr 2003 05:41 asiala

Re: Install Flash into Mozilla easily!

> Or you could just download the .tar.gz
> from the flash site and put the .so in
> your plugin directory.

What is a .tar.gz? .so? Where is the plugin directory? These are the question which will newbie ask.
It will be a lot more easier to advice him to click this and click ok..

07 Jun 2002 07:36 sn

Gratulations on the 1.0 release.
Now, if they just wouldn't have screwed up the RPMs.. they were nice with 1.0rc3, but at the moment they are unusable for galeon.

28 May 2002 05:02 axplo

can't open new windows
I can 't open new windows when I'm logged in as a normal user (even can 't open the about box).
As I start Mozilla as root, there's no problem

And if I quit mozilla, I can't restart it untill I execute the "killall mozilla-bin" command.

Anyone knows the solution for this problem?

11 May 2002 16:44 Nicopa

Re: Install Flash into Mozilla easily!
You are smart, aren't you. Of course it can be done manually, you genius. But mine is a better way, you don't even need to restart Mozilla, nor know about anything: just push a button.

11 May 2002 12:26 ivan5242

Re: Install Flash into Mozilla easily!

> Mozilla doesn't include the Flash Viewer
> plugin by default.
> I've created an automatic Flash
> installation. It uses the xpinstall
> technology from Mozilla to install Flash
> in Linux and Windows.

Or you could just download the .tar.gz from the flash site and put the .so in your plugin directory.


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