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30 Sep 2004 23:44 insaniti

Re: good
I just got smbfuse working on Linux
I wouldn't recommend it on large networks with slow machines as it can chew the CPU, but it's quite impressive.

19 Sep 2004 04:13 karvinen

Slackware 9 rc.autofs Was: good
Added your link to mounttero homepage, thanks.

01 Jun 2004 08:26 insaniti

Re: good
Thankyou, I will try these soon.

By the way, when I tried to run rc.autofs under Slackware 9 I just got "Unknown system, please port and contact". After some searching I found a script here: which works beautifully. Maybe you could put that on the site also?


30 May 2004 03:01 karvinen

Re: good
I just put links to related software on mounttero homepage. "SMB for Fuse" or "mkautosmb" might work like an automounted Samba network neighbourhood. Because SMB is not too secure, I think mounting sftp (ssh) would be more interesting.

30 May 2004 01:09 insaniti

The first easy to follow howto I've seen on autofs.

But what about automounting shares on a samba server or even the whole workgroup?


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