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31 Dec 2006 19:33 xkeycaps

Re: MOSIX license not GPL
Please look at the OpenMosix project.

This explains the differences:

Why OpenMosix instead of the original MOSIX?

1. As I stated previously, Richard Camp posted an excellent How-To on installing the original MOSIX system with the K12LTSP 2.0.x distribution. It pointed me in the right direction and I'm truly grateful for his efforts. Without which, who knows if I'd have ever gotten anywhere with the concept of combining LTSP & MOSIX. Unfortunately in my case, the MOSIX install script that came from the MOSIX download always failed when the 2.4.17 kernel compile would throw errors during the modules_install phase. MOSIX simply would not patch & install automatically with the installation script. I began investigating a manual MOSIX kernel patch & userland tools installation and came across the OpenMosix project in the process. I found OpenMosix very simple to implement.


2. MOSIX is either no longer Open Source or it's status as Open Source software is uncertain at this time. Without clarity on this issue, I would think that anyone implementing MOSIX should first obtain permission to do so from the copyright holder, Amnon Barak.

As of this writing, I don't have all of the details of MOSIX's current licensing status and I did not find any statement regarding the issue on the MOSIX site but you may wish to review the following for more information on the matter--

About OpenMosix Page:

Interview with Moshe Bar (founder of OpenMosix & a former project manager for MOSIX):

The OpenMosix FAQ:

The uncertainty surrounding MOSIX licensing and the ease of installation makes OpenMosix an ideal alternative for our purposes.


See also: OpenSSI

13 Dec 2002 03:03 ncrfgs

Re: MOSIX license not GPL

> The Freshmeat MOSIX project page claims
> that MOSIX is licensed under the GPL.
> The license on the MOSIX site is not the
> GPL.
> One or the other is incorrect. Which is
> it? And when will both of them agree?

From page:

"The MOSIX distribution

The MOSIX distribution consists of two parts, a kernel patch (that is subject to the GNU GPL) and a set of user level tools. You may download the two parts in any order."

I guess that only the MOSIX kernel patch is under the GNU GPL and not the MOSIX tools.
The name of the Freshmeat project is "MOSIX Kernel Patch" and the license refers to the "MOSIX Kernel Patch" and neither to the "MOSIX Project" or the "MOSIX Distribution".

Hope this will help.


01 Jun 2002 22:37 vgivanovic

MOSIX license not GPL

The Freshmeat MOSIX project page ( claims that MOSIX is licensed under the GPL. The license ( on the MOSIX site is not the GPL.

One or the other is incorrect. Which is it? And when will both of them agree?


03 Feb 2002 06:29 quixy

Re: mosix hmm.. beowulf as a plugin *lol*
Well, I have a private cluster here:

1x Athlon 1 GHz (master node; 512 MB RAM)
1x K6-3 450 MHz (slave 1; 256 MB RAM)
1x K6-2 400 MHz (slave 2; 96 MB RAM)

A forth node (Duron 600 MHz; with one 128 MB module from slave 1) will be added in some weeks or a moth.

And MOSIX works great on them! I run the dnet client 24h/7 days on the cluster.

21 Nov 2001 06:19 GreatSUN

MOSIX and ext3
Moshe Bar from the MOSIX-Team told me what to do, to get MOSIX to work with ext3:

1. patch kernel-source with the according MOSIX-patch.

2. patch kernel-source with the according ext3-patch

3. edit include/linux/sched.h and insert the following two lines (from sched.h.rej):

void *journal_info;

journal_info: NULL, \

insert those files in the matching fields you can get from sched.h.rej !!!

After that you can compile your kernel and everything should work.

Have FUN !

20 Nov 2001 03:05 GreatSUN

MOSIX and ext3
I tried to get it work with a 2.4.13 and 2.4.14 kernel with an ext3 patch. it doesn't patch the kernel... If I apply the ext3 patch after the mosix patch the ext3 patch fails at sched.h and the kernel cant'e be compiled with ext3 options on.

05 Aug 2000 10:31 knud

Mosix install party
AaLug (Aarhus Linux User Group, Denmark) make a Mosix install party
19-20/8 2000.
As far as we know it the worlds first Mosix insall party !
Is this correct ??

13 Aug 1999 01:08 arkane

mosix hmm.. beowulf as a plugin *lol*
I just installed this onto my debian 2.1 system and it rocks, plain and simple. I have a Pentium 450 and run mosix between that and a Pentium 166, both with 128mb ram. Once you optimize your environment to work right with parallel processing, this thing really makes it cook. It makes my StarOffice 5.1 under KDE come up like greased lightning.


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