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13 Feb 2013 04:50 DildoDanny

This is the bullshit error that aircrack-ng spits out

deviant:/home/devadmin/wifu# aircrack-ng -e Net206-SJGH -c sjgen.out-02.cap-handshake.cap -w common.lst
Opening sjgen.out-02.cap-handshake.cap
Read 128 packets.

Opening sjgen.out-02.cap-handshake.cap
Got no data packets from target network!

Quitting aircrack-ng...


if I do aircrack-ng -c sjgen.out-02.cap-handshake.cap -w common.lst and manually select the essid from the menu, it processes it just fine, WIERD!

Ive been using aircrack-ng for years, this is the first time ive seen this shit, but yeah, if you added a -b option to moscrack I would be able to bypass this problem by usin the mac address instead to get around this bug in aircrack-ng

13 Feb 2013 04:46 DildoDanny

Please add --bssid option moscrack to use for using target instead of just --essid

Some times when im cracking aircrack wont work with an essid that has something like Target-2334 because of the way aircrack handles that - character, making it impossible to use unless I pass the mac address with -b option, therefore, I am unable to leverage moscrack with these targets.


Thank you!! Moscrack + Aircrack-ng-cuda= PYRIT IS DEAD TO ME


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