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Moosic is a music player that focuses on easy playlist management. It consists of a server process that maintains a queue of music files to play and a client program which sends commands to the server. The server continually runs through its playlist, popping items off the top of the list and playing each with an external program. The client is a simple command-line utility which allows you to perform powerful operations upon the server's queue, including the addition of whole directory trees, automatic shuffling, and item removal according to regular expressions. The server comes configured to play MP3, Ogg, MIDI, MOD, and WAV files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Nov 2011 10:33

    Release Notes: Four small bugs were fixed. Moosic has been placed in the public domain by way of The Unlicense.

    •  21 Jul 2011 19:43

      Release Notes: Two fatal bugs that were caused by incompatible changes in the Python standard library were fixed.

      •  13 Jul 2007 17:09

        Release Notes: An incompatibility that prevented moosicd from responding to requests correctly when run with Python 2.5 was fixed. Another obscure and rarely triggered bug was fixed.

        •  25 May 2007 08:58

          Release Notes: The "move-pattern" command and the -C option were added to the command-line client. "move-pattern" moves all queued songs whose names match a regular expression to a given position in the queue. The -C option causes the current song to be included in the output of the "list" and "plainlist" commands.

          •  16 Aug 2005 10:35

            Release Notes: The server now logs the total playing time whenever it finishes playing a song. The server no longer saves state to disk if the state hasn't really changed. Range arguments can now be bracketed by non-numeric characters to prevent negative ranges from being mistaken for command line options. Various minor bugs were fixed.


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