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Mono Project is an Open Source implementation of the various ECMA and .NET framework technologies for Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows. The project includes a compiler, a class library, and a CLI runtime engine.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Oct 2012 09:12

    Release Notes: A complete C# 5.0 compiler with asynchronous programming support, a C# interactive shell, support for the 4.5 profile, new Microsoft open source stacks, runtime optimizations, improved Mac OS X and iOS support, and much more.

    •  08 Jan 2012 22:07

      Release Notes: This release updates the Task Parallel Library. SQLiteConnection can now set the threading mode. There is an improved debugger protocol. Basic support has been added for MSBuild 4.0. NuGet now runs on Mono. Phalanger 3.0 now runs with Mono. Support for some Azure libraries. Support for bundling profilers in a static binary. The profiler can now log its data to any file descriptor. SGen now has native support for object systems that implement ToggleRefs. Mobile Profile now contains System.IO.MemoryMappedFiles. PerformanceCounters for JIT statistics. Android CPU count. HashSet can now be serialized.

      •  31 Mar 2009 07:14

        Release Notes: SIMD constructors have been optimized. The polling code is no longer present and instead a cross-platform solution to the problem is being used, which provides support for Thread.Interrupt() and does not consume CPU cycles. The old JIT has been removed, and only the new linear IR based JIT is available. Support for Real Time Signals was added to Mono.Posix. Mono's ASP.NET stack can now run precompiled ASP.NET Web sites generated with Visual Studio or using the aspnet_compiler.

        •  17 Jan 2009 17:30

          Release Notes: This release has a better code generation engine, called Linear IL. Generic sharing is now turned on in all cases. Support for monitoring the runtime internals is now available through a new PerformanceCounters implementation. This release introduces the Attach functionality, SIMD support, a more efficient regex interpreter, a new interactive shell for C#, plus many other improvements and bugfixes.

          •  06 Oct 2008 16:04

            Release Notes: This release has compilers for C# 3.0 and VB.NET 8. It includes new bindings for GTK, Cairo, and SQLite, as well as several new Microsoft-compatible APIs, including ADO.NET 2, ASP.NET 2, and Windows.Forms 2, allowing Winforms applications to run on Linux and other Unix systems. Mono 2.0 adds a debugger and the Gendarme "lint" tool for C#.


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