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Mondo is a very simplistic health monitoring daemon that relies on lm_sensors. It is capable of monitoring whatever settings you're willing to assign a label to in your sensors.conf file. It provides the same function as Motherboard Monitor, except it lacks a GUI interface and is specific to Linux.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Jun 2003 05:59

    Release Notes: This release is mainly an update to the mondo-setup code. Several fallacies in its sensor detection code have been uncovered and (hopefully) fixed.

    •  20 Sep 2002 20:29

      Release Notes: This is a major feature/bugfix release. An ugly double-action bug in mondo-setup (introduced in v0.8) has been fixed, and i2c sensor detection has been improved as well. In addition, there is now a "grace period" hack available, for those who may be saddled with buggy sensor support (mainly users of the AS99127F chip found on most Asus motherboards).

      •  25 Aug 2002 02:43

        Release Notes: This release contains small bugfixes and feature upgrades. The new features include full /bin/sh-like syntax support in alarm commands, and the ability to specify multiple cascaded ABOVE and BELOW thresholds for each sensor feature.

        •  30 Jul 2002 17:00

          Release Notes: This release implements proper SIGCHILD handling to fix a resource consumption bug.

          •  22 Jun 2002 09:53

            Release Notes: This release corrects some Makefile bugs, corrects a misspelling in mondo-setup.8, and unifies the two SysV init scripts into a single script. The new init script will use LSB features if present, but will still work if those features are absent. mondo-setup also contains some minor output fixes and is slightly more user-friendly.

            Recent comments

            17 Jan 2002 18:57 gnarl

            I just thought it might be worth mentioning that there is an existing utility, mondo, that in conjuction with mindi, allows for backing up a system onto CD's (free, for linux)



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