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My cOLLection manager

My cOLLection manager is a text-based database program for your collections. It is a fast and easy to use front end for gdbm or Berkeley DB with a curses interface. Some other databases are supported. The program was originally designed to organize a large music CD collection, but it has no restrictions on the entry of any other large range of items. Its main goal is flexibility.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Aug 2006 20:24

    Release Notes: A new file browser has been added. It makes the image file selection more comfortable. The image viewer is now able to read TIFF images. This release has extended online help. Users are able to get hints for every action. Some bugs have been fixed.

    •  25 May 2006 18:44

      Release Notes: A switch was implemented to increase images to fullscreen. To disable GDBM support, the configure option --without-gdbm was added. README, LIESMICH, and the man page have been revised and updated.

      •  09 May 2006 08:47

        Release Notes: This release adds support for the Berkeley DB. All major versions are supported.

        •  09 Apr 2006 09:48

          Release Notes: This release adds topics for the info-panel. Some checks in the configure script has been improved. Moll also supports the qdbm library now.

          •  05 Mar 2006 21:33

            Release Notes: This release fixes some gcc 4.x warnings and fixes the "Merge" button, which was not visible on small terminals. The item form has been split into four windows, so that every form gets its own window. The image form now allows the '~' key for your home directory. Some m4 macros were added for the configure script. Configure now checks for gbdm, ndbm, and dbm, makes a comprehensive check for POSIX threads, and searches for an active Linux framebuffer device.


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