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Mojolicious is "Duct Tape For The HTML5 Web". It is powerful with no dependencies out of the box with RESTful routes, plugins, Perl-ish templates, session management, signed cookies, asynchronous client, a testing framework, a static file server, first class Unicode support, and much more. It has a clean, portable, object oriented pure Perl API without any hidden magic and no requirements besides modern Perl, but can use many CPAN packages out of the box. It has a HTTP 1.1 and WebSocket client/server implementation with TLS, IDNA, Comet (long polling), chunking, and multipart support, and an async I/O Web server supporting EV pluggable event queue, Unix domain sockets, and hot deployment. Automatic CGI, FastCGI, and PSGI detection allows for any deployment situation. It has a JSON and XML/HTML5 parser/emitter with an advanced CSS3 selector support and DOM.

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Recent releases

  •  30 May 2014 05:46

    Release Notes: New exception and not_found pages, form validation, CSRF protection, Template variants, and new Mojo::DOM, with support for many different node types and new ways to manipulate HTML. There are also new hooks for more extensibiliy, SO_REUSEPORT for even more zero downtime restarts, rotating secrets that add more security without invalidation of existing sessions, non-blocking bridges, cheap helpers, optional placeholders everywhere in your requst routing chain, support for the new JSON spec (RFC 7159), permessage-deflate WebSocket compression, and Minion job queue.

    •  25 Oct 2011 11:11

      Release Notes: This release adds a send_frame method to Mojo::Transaction::WebSocket. It adds myn events. It changes the syntax for binary messages in Mojo::Transaction::WebSocket. It adds a max_memory_size attribute to Mojo::Asset::Memory. It adds an is_file method to Mojo::Asset and Mojo::Asset::File. All is_done methods are deprecated in favor of is_finished. The done event in Mojo::IOLoop::Trigger has been renamed to finish. Support has been added for new HTTP status codes from draft-nottingham-http-new-status. A small WebSocket upgrade bug has been fixed in Mojo::Server::Daemon.

      •  17 Oct 2011 20:20

        Release Notes: Perl 5.10.1: the performance increase is substantial. Morbo: a self-restarting development Web server. Native support for libev event loop and in turn AnyEvent. Events enable extending of the framework. The Mount plugin allows embedding whole applications. The production Web server is now a lot more user friendly. Collections make Web scraping fun. WebSocket testing is very easy.

        •  26 Dec 2010 18:26

          Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

          Recent comments

          19 Oct 2011 05:54 djzort

          move over other MVC's, Mojolicious is here.


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