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21 Dec 2005 02:14 pts

we couldn't find mod_survey!
We were looking for an XML-based survey software on Freshmeat, but we couldn't find mod_survey, because it didn't match the search query ``survey xml'' or ``form xml''. Please consider updating the description so that people will find this nice software.

03 Aug 2003 09:45 joepal1976

Re: Graphics?
With the introduction of the 3.2.x branch (first release submitted two minutes ago), this becomes possible. (Current large ammount of bugs excepted of course. :-) )

18 Feb 2003 07:42 macemoneta

Some suggestions/feature requests:

It would be nice to be able to associate graphics with elements of the survey. For example, a choice where each element is a small graphic, instead (or in addition to) caption text. Useful for "What is your favorite color?", "Which animal do you associate with x?", "The car body style you prefer is?" type questions.

It would also be nice to be able to arrange the choice element horizontally, instead of vertically when using graphics in the elements (like a matrix with a single element/row).

25 Jul 2002 10:40 Jamain

Re: Finally
Yes me too :)

10 May 2002 13:14 ReBirth

I'm happy to see that someone finally starts working on a serious project in this category.


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