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Mod_survey is an Apache mod_perl module which allows users to create their own Web questionnaires using an XML-based tag notation. It supports exporting of data into several file formats, including SPSS syntax, semi-colon delimited fields, and SQL script. It also provides limited support for descriptive statistics of the submitted data, and stylesheet customizations of layout.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Nov 2009 13:34

    Release Notes: The code has been rewritten to explicitly use UTF-8 internally. All input and output is now explicitly converted to and from UTF-8. Two new exports for producing Web pages with data from submitted surveys have been added. A new question type, CALCULATED, has been added to allow for automatically calculated columns in submitted data.

    •  02 Mar 2008 00:56

      Release Notes: Many bugs concerning uniqueness and multiple answers in MATRIX were fixed. The code has been updated and tested to run under IndigoPerl in Windows. IP-based uniqueness checking was implemented. It is now possible to customize error messages. There is now a valid DTD available. Flushing data will now also remove stale keys and lock files for unique answers. A bug with pipe signs as delimiter in exports was fixed. Perl snippets will no longer block time(), localtime(), and crypt().

      •  25 Feb 2008 16:26

        Release Notes: Several minor bugs concerning MULTI and uniqueness in MATRIX were fixed. A new SUBMITERROR tag was added for allowing the customization of error messaged caused by, for example, MUSTANSWER. A helper script was added for generating password files for FILEAUTH. A helper script was added for parsing a crude text file and generating a survey file template.

        •  15 Dec 2007 21:10

          Release Notes: An up-to-date DTD for the markup language was added. Several minor bugs with Windows compatibility were fixed. Some minor layout glitches with MATRIX in Internet Explorer were fixed. IP-based uniqueness checking in answers was implemented. Trying to download data when no data has been submitted should now produce an empty data export rather than a perl crash message.

          •  29 Nov 2007 12:53

            Release Notes: It is now possible to use delimited fields with all characters (it previously failed on pipe, plus, asterisk, dot, and some other chars). It is now possible to customize the error message for a MUSTANSWER in a CUSTOM. Many minor bugs with Windows compatibility were fixed.

            Recent comments

            21 Dec 2005 02:14 pts

            we couldn't find mod_survey!
            We were looking for an XML-based survey software on Freshmeat, but we couldn't find mod_survey, because it didn't match the search query ``survey xml'' or ``form xml''. Please consider updating the description so that people will find this nice software.

            03 Aug 2003 09:45 joepal1976

            Re: Graphics?
            With the introduction of the 3.2.x branch (first release submitted two minutes ago), this becomes possible. (Current large ammount of bugs excepted of course. :-) )

            18 Feb 2003 07:42 macemoneta

            Some suggestions/feature requests:

            It would be nice to be able to associate graphics with elements of the survey. For example, a choice where each element is a small graphic, instead (or in addition to) caption text. Useful for "What is your favorite color?", "Which animal do you associate with x?", "The car body style you prefer is?" type questions.

            It would also be nice to be able to arrange the choice element horizontally, instead of vertically when using graphics in the elements (like a matrix with a single element/row).

            25 Jul 2002 10:40 Jamain

            Re: Finally
            Yes me too :)

            10 May 2002 13:14 ReBirth

            I'm happy to see that someone finally starts working on a serious project in this category.


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