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mod_pLua is an Apache HTTP Server 2.x module for developing Web applications with Lua. With mod_pLua, you can use Lua for scripting in two distinct ways; Embedded Lua scripting, , or plain Lua scripting with a CGI-style interface. mod_pLua precompiles all scripts and caches the compiled binary code so that each new call to the same file will be lightning fast, allowing you to serve hundreds of thousands of requests per minute on any modern server. Mod_pLua supports both the traditional Lua interpreter as well as LuaJIT for both Windows and UNIX platforms. If your Web server supports it, mod_pLua also utilizes APR_DBD and mod_dbd to handle persistent database connections through the dbopen() Lua function.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 May 2012 07:50

    Release Notes: This release fixes some warnings. It adds setCookie() and getCookie() for setting and getting cookie values.

    •  09 Mar 2012 08:29

      Release Notes: This release moves a declaration from the header to the C file to ease APXS installation, stops binaries built with mod_dbd support from complaining that mod_dbd isn't enabled when a connection fails, and fixes an issue which caused POST data from XMLHttpRequests not to be properly recognized.

      •  27 Feb 2012 08:01

        Release Notes: The Makefile script will now properly clean up when `make clean` is called. The getEnv() function will now report a Server-Version value as well (major.minor.patch). Directives are now only permissable within the main Apache configuration. The include() function now supports including plain Lua files, as set by the pLuaRaw directive.

        •  22 Feb 2012 08:34

          Release Notes: Modules built with apxs should now run on Unix platforms with Lua 5.2. mod_pLua now supports the PUT and DELETE methods. This release adds getRequestBody([filename]) for reading the request body and optionally writing it to a file.

          •  20 Feb 2012 08:38

            Release Notes: This release adds file.send(filename) for sending static files using the internal sendfile mechanism. Calling sleep(n) with a negative number will now default to sleeping for 1 second. print(...) will now output the values of booleans and nils, as well as refs to tables, userdata, and functions. This release adds string.explode(string, delimiter) for splitting up strings into chunks. It fixes a potential issue where the pLuaIgnoreLibrary directive could be read incorrectly.


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