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mntd is an automount daemon and shared library written for automatically mounting hotplug devices such as USB sticks, Compact Flash cards, or other mountable devices on Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x kernels. You only have to plug in your hotplug device and wait a little bit. The library can be used for user mode programs that want to be informed when devices are mounted and unmounted. It will use now devfs to get the device changes. So no need for hal and udev any more.


Recent releases

  •  30 Mar 2005 13:20

    Release Notes: udev support was added again. A directory permission bug was fixed. A new directory structure was implemented for shorter paths. A new commandline option was added for pidfile. Some kind of coldplug support was added.

    •  29 Aug 2004 02:35

      Release Notes: This release adds more options to the config file. It now reconnects to dbus if disconnected. A security fix was added that will escape options from the config file. Memory leaks were fixed. A signal handler for SIGHUP was implemented.

      •  31 Jul 2004 20:30

        Release Notes: The daemon will shutdown if it is disconnected from DBUS at runtime. The path to the binaries for the mount, umount, and killall commands can be configured at compile time. Devices will be unmounted even if accessed by processes. The daemon will not start up if DBUS is unavailable. A callback in libmnt was added for disconnected signals from DBUS. Some code cleanup was done.

        •  11 Jul 2004 21:00

          Release Notes: There is a minor HTML bugfix in the documentation. A freshmeat.feed script has been added. udevd and hald code has been removed; it needs devfsd now. Support for kernel 2.4 has been added. An 'mntsend' program has been added (called from devfsd). Documentation for the 2.4 kernel has been added. There are options for each filesystem type, and remount_rd()/ remount_rw() methods for libmnt. The path to external binaries (mount/ umount/killall) is now taken from AC_PATH_PROG. libmnt.h is installed. A Gentoo ebuild has been added to the download directory.

          •  14 Jun 2004 21:31

            Release Notes: daemonize has been implemented. There are documentation updates in the installation instructions. There is a new command line parameter -q (quits the daemon). A pidfile will be written. The signal handler allows SIGTERM, SIGQUIT, SIGINT, and SIGABRT to cause the daemon to quit, detaching from the TTY.


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