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The mminstance package creates instances of PostScript Type1 multiple master fonts. (An instance is a version of the font as it looks at one point in its design space.) Mminstance lets you use multiple master fonts with programs that don't handle them directly, such as afm2tfm, ps2pdf, ps2pk, and X Type1 font servers. Mminstance contains two programs. Mmafm creates AFM font metrics from multiple master AMFM and AFM files, and Mmpfb creates a single-master font outline file (PFA or PFB) from the multiple master font itself.


Recent releases

  •  27 Jan 2003 18:05

    Release Notes: This release adds a '--minimize' option which makes mmpfb-generated fonts acceptable to the X font server. There are also other minor feature enhancements and bugfixes.

    •  30 Sep 2002 20:30

      Release Notes: This version will properly handle the NuevaMM-It font.

      •  18 Jun 2001 22:08

        Release Notes: Clean compilation on newer C++ compilers.

        •  23 Jun 2000 05:50

          Release Notes: mmpfb bug fixed: fonts with large UniqueIDs weren't correctly interpolated.

          •  20 Apr 2000 16:19

            Release Notes: In this version, mmpfb can handle synthetic fonts, such as TektonMM-Oblique.


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