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MM.MYSQL is a JDBC driver for the MySQL database. It implements all of the JDBC spec that can be implemented for MySQL, and offers high performance and stability. More information is available at the homepage.


Recent releases

  •  25 Apr 2002 07:55

    Release Notes: This version includes more code cleanups, fixes a problem where unicode chars were being read incorrectly, introduces faster blob escaping for the PrepStmt code, adds set/getPortNumber() to DataSource(s), adds setURL() to MySQLXADataSource, fixes PreparedStatement.toString(), implements ResultSetMetaData.getColumnClassName(), implements a rudimentary version of Statement.getGeneratedKeys() from JDBC-3.0, and fixes some bad PAGES.

    •  19 Mar 2002 03:37

      Release Notes: A fix for a missing DELETE_RULE value in DBMD.getImported/ExportedKeys() and getCrossReference(), full synchronization of, and more changes to fix "Unexpected end of input stream" errors when reading BLOBs.

      •  10 Oct 2001 22:28

        Release Notes: Small bugfixes in PreparedStatement (parameter checking) and ResultSet (case-sensitive column names).

        •  01 Jun 2000 02:18

          Release Notes: New features include transactions (if your MySQL server supports them), JDBC-2.0 support for scrollability and updatability, and numerous bug fixes.

          •  25 Aug 1999 10:56

            Release Notes: Beginning of JDK-1.2 support, auto-sizing of packets to handle large blobs, documentation fixes, support for connecting to a MySQL server without specifiying the database to connect to.


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