Comments for MirBSD Korn Shell

07 Apr 2009 23:01 mirabile

No further Freshmeat announcements
will be sent out. The MirOS Project
now provides an RSS Feed themselves.

This is due to the changes on the
website, making it much harder to
use than even before.

24 Jul 2008 11:03 mirabile

I changed the Debian package URI to the official

Debian site, as the mksh package is kept up to

date inside Debian by myself.

The sub-directory ports/ inside the mksh download

directory (currently) contains ports for

o Debian (source, diff, signed dsc)

o RPM (signed Source RPM)

o OpenBSD (gzsig'd tgz of port)

o pkgsrc® (gzsig'd tgz of source package)

For more information, refer to the website, under

the item Integration in other OSes / build systems.

24 Apr 2007 05:07 mirabile

Missing info...
... from the announcement:

BONUS for this release:

- OS-independent source RPM, based upon Pascal Bleser's SuSE-SRPM:

- OpenBSD port (tested on 4.1/sparc64):

- NetBSD® pkgsrc® source package (tested on Interix/SFU 3.5 on win2k/i386):

(the BSD ports URI is for FreeBSD; the MirPorts

Framework has already been updated with this

release of mksh)


Project Spotlight


An open, cross-platform journaling program.


Project Spotlight


A scientific plotting package.