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Minirighi is a multi-threading, Open Source operating system written for didactic purposes. It has been written from scratch and it is compatible with POSIX. The main feature of Minirighi is its light kernel, whose source code is easy for a person to read, unlike many other Open Source kernels.


Recent releases

  •  30 Mar 2008 17:00

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  13 Dec 2004 18:47

      Release Notes: The main improvement in this release is the implementation of the copy-on-write paging mechanism, which implies the other main improvement: the implementation of the fork() system call. Some bugs have been fixed, especially in the TCP/IP stack implementation.

      •  19 Aug 2004 17:16

        Release Notes: This release fixes bug #944334 (now the .bss section is correctly zeroed after a file is loaded in memory). Bug #941856 (mutual exclusion problems when getting the size of a file) has been fixed. A standard interface to use sockets by the user applications has been created. Support has been added for the loopback IP address ( A simple UDP chat server to test sockets and a user application to translate strings into Morse code have been added.

        •  24 Apr 2004 20:26

          Release Notes: The floppy cache was added for recently used blocks. The low-level routines for read and write operations were improved. The sync, mount, and umount operations are available.

          •  23 Apr 2004 20:54

            Release Notes: This release fixes a deadlock in the floppy driver and a deadlock in eth.c. The round-robin scheduler has been replaced with a simple priority-based scheduler. There are improvements in the network manager (TCP/IP stack). New applications (basename and echo) have been added.


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