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31 Dec 2013 23:46 Gene_Heskett

Hello! I have been using this for several years to communicate with an old computer in the basement, but there is one thing missing.

2 separate i/o translation tables so that for instance, I can translate the arrow keys on the pc keyboard into the equivalent byte sized code that does the same thing when received by the old computer, in this case a TRS80 Color Computer 3 running Nitros9, a mini unix.

By the same token, I'd need to translate what it spits out before handing that data back to the minicom screen handler as its graphics commends are of course different.

As I see it the translation needs to be from what is a potentially 32 bit value, maybe even wider, coming from this keyboard, to an 8 bit value going out to the remote host, and usually but not always, doing the sometimes similar reverse action coming back.

I would be a very happy camper if such a switchable feature appeared in 2.9.

Thank you

Cheers, Gene

04 Feb 2004 11:20 biganry

Dependencies (in cygwin)
Dear developers,

thank you for this sw(v 2.1). I want to ask you, what about dependencies. I have a little bit problem with it on cygwin. I understand that there is no time to study each u...x with the minicom. But I think this will help also others to have some basic overview.


anry (big is to be unique)


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