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08 Mar 2002 16:52 breiter

Similiar projects
Looks like there are at least three projects,
basically solving the same thing:

<a href=""
>smtpclient by Ralf Engelshall

<a href=""
>nbsmtp by "drysdam"

<a href=""
>mini_sendmail by Jef Poskanzer

21 Feb 2002 04:01 dl4ner

does not accept "-i"
mini_sendmail does not accept the switch &quot;-i&quot;, which is needed for php by default.


a) change php.ini to contain only &quot;sendmail -t&quot;

b) patch program to ignore &quot;-i&quot; switch.

just a hint ;-)


09 Oct 2001 16:12 aamoruso

mini_sendmail and CC:
I've found what I suppose is a simple bug. If you send
messages containing an empty Cc: line in headers section,
while working with option -t, mini_sendmail sends this line
to the remote SMTP server, which fails with error 501.

Removing the empty Cc: mini_sendmail works great and
the remote smtp server doesn't complain.

Tried using Sendmail aliases &quot;feed to program&quot; via a
simple perl script.


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